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National Adoption Month is over. The month of November can so often be a mixed bag of emotion for adoptees and adoptive families. There seems to be an unending circle critiquing one another about being too positive, not real enough, too negative, sugar-coating, or depressing. In all of the back and forth, I think this month brought the most fair, balanced and honest writing about adoption that I have seen in quite some time.

So I perused my bookmark list of amazing reads and videos over the past month and created my Best Of National Adoption Month Reads. Those listed here stuck with me, made me think, or are actively shaping how I move forward in the world of adoption. Here they are in no particular order – enjoy.

Listen as Tommy Davidson talks about his adoptive background, race, and understanding himself.


A totally engaging read by Lynn Steinberg on talking with others about your child’s adoption. Should you or shouldn’t you?


Watch Para Mi Mama — A letter to my birth mom by Lexi Hiland.


An amazing real tool to use with our children – Tara Vanderwoude’s What I Think and What I Know About Adoption.


This article over on Sister Wish is THE article that has stayed with me and I am still thinking about today.


#FliptheScript during National Adoption Month changed the conversation – for the better.


Colonization and Adoption is a must read in understanding history and adoption.


More on valuing adult adoptees voices in the ongoing conversation about adoption.


A post-Ferguson reflection from an adoptive mom on how yes, Cute Little Black Boys Do Grow Up To Be Black Men.


Honest comments on race and adoption from a transracial adoptee.


One of your favorites not listed? Leave a link in the comment section to an article or video that contributed to National Adoption Month this year.