Fun cake shot provided by The Baker Chick

Fun celebratory cake shot provided by The Baker Chick

Blended celebrated three years in the blogosphere this week! Three whole years since I thought, “You know I don’t read any dedicated blogs for multiracial Blended families” and then had the crazy idea of beginning one. Three years of blogging during naps, blogging while holding a sleeping child, blogging while dealing with a kid’s tantrum (read as it took me two hours to write one paragraph), blogging early morning hours, then late hours, then back to blogging through another child sleeping in my arms and drooling. {You get the idea.}  Blogging because I wanted to, blogging because I had to, and to my great joy discovering a community ready for Blended.

Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening.

Thank you for contributing so that we as a Blended community can hear one another’s voices.

Three years into sending my words into the great beyond…

I am grateful.