This weekend brings both the beginning of fall and also our first big storm to the Northwest. So for this rainy weekend I curated a special list of articles and happenings just for Blended readers. Have a great weekend!

Denene Millner, of My Brown Baby, shares her beautiful story of adoption here.

A poem I am currently in love with over at Mixed Nation.

In the midst of the horrific ‘rehoming’ of adopted kids, this piece is powerful¬†with a call from this adoptive mother for “more understanding, support, and dialogue about what our parenting experience is like. We need to be better understood and to feel less judged.”

Stacey Connor writes beautifully in her piece “White Mom, Black Daughter, Natural Hair: ‘When Beautiful Means Different.'”

Check out these crowd-sourced portraits of interracial families over at We Are the 15 Percent. Beautiful.

The number one trending and most talked about article on adoption this week.

Some really great recommendations for Apps for teachers and students alike.

And finally, if you watch anything on the Internet this week, it should be this: