carried in our hearts

With far too much happening on the web I curated a special list of articles and happenings just for Blended readers. Here’s a list of what I’m reading and thinking about this week.

Oh to live in L.A. The first ever *for credit* high school course about multiracial history and identity in the nation.

A recent conversation with several adoptive mothers involved in different stages of Russian adoptions since the ban.

I’ve heard it said about my daughter. Find out why the basis of this ‘isn’t so cute.’

A new book by one of my personal heroes, Dr. Jane Aronson. I plan to get my hands on a copy immediately. Get your hands on a copy too.

Maybe it was because the author and my daughter share the same birthday, and I happened to read this on that day, that it touched me so deeply. But I wanted to share it with you because of  the sheer beauty of the words and the heart behind this marvelous story of life.

June 12th is the start of the second season of Oxygen’s I’m Having Their Baby. It is a docu-series that tells the personal story of adoption from the birthmother’s point of view. Have you seen it? I have not, but plan to watch a few episodes as friends have recommended me to watch. I think it will be impossible to watch without weeping uncontrollably as it will remind me of my own experience with my daughter’s birthmother. Will you be watching?