With far too much happening on the web I curated a special list of articles and happenings just for Blended readers. Here’s a list of what I’m reading and thinking about this week.

A unique perspective on the Russia adoption ban from U.S. Paralympic athletes.

Some hope for waiting families of Russian adoptees.

Chocolate hair/Vanilla care offers an invaluable overview of hair types that I continually recommend to readers.

On January 2, 2013 the Adoption Tax Credit was made permanent but there are still lots of questions. Here is a great resource.

A complete overhaul of my son’s room in an asked-for fox theme revealed this little guy that I fell in love with.

An old interview I just discovered with one of my favorite authors talking about writing, life and feeling all of it.

10 things adoptees want you to know.

I just watched the documentary “Happy” and am now contemplating a move to Bhutan. (I’m just kidding mom.) Check out the trailer for this thought provoking film on how we experience happiness despite culture, circumstance, or socio-economic status.