Do you have a budding artist in your house? My oldest definitely is and its hard to keep her satisfied with art supplies. One of her biggest complaints is when she is rendering our family on paper. In her opinion, crayons and watercolors don’t quite accurately display the diversity of skin tones represented in our family. She needs lighter, she needs browner, she needs pink, she needs olive, she needs! In 2011 this was probably one of the most talked about issues in our home.

When I began my Christmas shopping I knew what I was on the hunt for, but didn’t know where to find what I wanted. I stumbled into a local art store, wandered toward the marker section and began my search. I discovered Copic markers, a high end professional marker, but there were just so many to choose from, I quickly became overwhelmed. Later I began my search online only to gratefully discover the Copic Manga set especially for skin tones! Hallelujah! My search was over.

Copic Skin Tones

Blended families rejoice! Now there are markers that can render your family in all its various skin tones accurately – but more importantly I no longer hear complaining from my eight year old. Here is her latest family portrait. Enjoy!

Copic Family