Leaves Of Love

School projects for a Blended family are sometimes so very interesting. An example is the old grade school standby ‘The Family Tree.’ I have recently realized that that ‘tree’ will most likely be staring me down soon and I needed to find some creative school solutions that reflect my oldest child’s heritage in a way that is easy to digest for 8 and 9 year olds. I saw a lot of ideas and interesting things, but then I stumbled upon Leaves of Love.

Leaves of Love is actually a fundraiser for families who are adopting either domestically or internationally. Its a creative way to bring your friends and family into the process of adoption while doubling as a piece of art for your home, always displaying those involved in welcoming your child. But I thought the tree depiction, with its roots, was a great family tree that could reflect both my daughter’s biological roots, if you will, and her forever family growing from there. Its a great depiction of the wholeness of her life and an easy way, I think, for kids her age to understand her heritage through adoption.

Love Makes a Family - Tree

So, check them out – it may work as a solution for your Blended family as well!