Friends, we have been cooking together for nine months! Nine months of homemade kitchen discoveries and ultimate cuisine disaster. It has been fun, right? My kids look forward to each month and just what I will surprise them with (sometimes to their horror). All in all it has been a wonderful journey – and so this month I give you the gift of France. Beignets, Brie Cheese, Baguette, Creme Brulee, Crossaint, and Snails. That last one got you didn’t it? I love so much about French food and then I remember the crazy too. Let me confess that I have had some real fun thinking about torturing my children by serving escargot. I don’t know if I can actually bring myself to do it, as then I will have to be the bold brash Mama who eats it first just to prove a cultural point. But, oh my, what fun that could be. The torture, not the eating of a snail actually, just the psychological torture.

I also realize that I listed above mostly dessert and bread. Hmph. And while I have really progressed at making homemade beignets as a special treat I need to broaden my French cooking horizons this month. Let’s get ready to stretch readers (if it helps you can talk like Julia Child while you cook for your family – both entertaining and a wee bit torturous also). One really fun adventure I would recommend to you: find a local French Bakery and order some classic French treats. Do this near the end of the week so you know more about French culture which can make the outing more fun. When you are there order Meringues (sometimes they are called Macarons) and Madeleines and say oui and merci to inspire lots of giggles. I plan to take my three kids here for a special treat.

So with images of the French countryside, the Riveria and the Eiffel Tower dancing in our heads, here is the October menu:

Cassoulet or ‘where the casserole came from’  – This recipe can be a bit daunting. I keep reading sentences like, “With great effort comes great reward” in relation to the French Cassoulet. I think it will be worth it right? It has all the elements kids love so what’s a little heavy lifting in the kitchen? {I’m already afraid.}

Brie and Baguette – One night I will serve sliced Baguette, Brie and fruit to let them experiment and experience the strong cheese flavor. {I will of course have a backup of go-to cheeses they like just in case.}

Crespéou or layered omelet – Hailing from Provence this dish is layer upon layer of eggy goodness.

Croque Monsieur or the best ham and cheese sandwich you will ever have – Quality ham and Gruyere meet together in wedded bliss with egg and your mouth. Done. {Just because its funny I will tell you that this dish crudely translates as ‘Mister Crunchy’. Try that one on your kids.}

Galette – These can be sweet or savory. I encourage you to try a savory one with your family. Using a rustic dough that you bring up and over the sides, this could easily be a new family tradition at our house.

Claflouti – Often a dessert dish of eggs and fruit, we like to serve it around here for breakfast. We shake powdered sugar over the top to add a little sweet to the tart raspberries or blackberries I usually put in. Breakfast for dinner anyone?

If you missed a month, no worries, its a goal, remember? So here are the menus from JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly, August and September.

Here’s to helping our kids become better global citizens – one dinner at a time! Happy cooking everyone!