The back to school season is about new beginnings. New experiences and trying new things. With the September rush don’t forget to keep cooking along with the Blended community as we tackle together Greek cuisine! (Somehow it seems fitting that as my children hit the books they are also eating Greek food.) When I think of Greek food I mainly think of olives and cheese – and an afternoon nap! The food is tasty though and your kids will enjoy learning about Greece.

My kids are obsessed with island living and in looking at the map discovered that yes, indeed, Greece is a country made up of a group of islands. This is when you can dust off that old photo album of that time when you were a dopey sixteen year old and you went to Greece with a group of older kids (can’t believe my mom was okay with that) and did a lot of things you shouldn’t have (sure hope my mom isn’t reading this). But at least I can wow my children with my own personal pictures of Athens and Corfu – man I loved Corfu. Okay back to the point…

September’s delicious menu of Greek food includes:

{As a quick aside – some of the recipes below call for Phyllo dough. Turns out Phyllo dough is my arch nemesis. I really hate Phyllo dough. Under Phyllo dough it should read paper-thin dough used in making disasters. We have had many run-ins of which not one has ended without swearing and tears. Save your family and just sacrifice this month and buy your Spanikoptia at Trader Joe’s or something. Really. Save your family from seeing you in a Phyllo induced misery meltdown. End of editorial rant.}

Keftedakia or Greek Meatballs – This is the smaller version of the big meatball (-akia at the end of a Greek word means small). There is a lovely little recipe for these over at Greek Culinary.

Avgolemono or Greek Chicken Soup – This dish will surprise you. It involves lemon and eggs in the soup. Thought to be originally a Jewish dish it is firmly part of Greek culture.

Spanakopitakia or Spinach Pie – In the Burek family (which we love around here), this dish while green (oh the horror) is truly a kid favorite. Warning: this dish involves Phyllo dough. Layers of the stuff. {See Editorial rant above.} See you at Trader Joe’s!

Pastitso or Greek Lasagna – This dish I’m quite interested in making. Its not the classic lasagna we are both imagining and actually involves long noodles not flat. After reading a recipe or two I do believe this will be a hit at my house.

Kolokithopita or Zucchini Fritters – Selfishly I threw this recipe in the menu for all the home gardeners who are drowning under the weight of fresh zucchini! This dish however will prove to be a delight.

Tiropita or Cheese Pies – Again of the Burek family and again with the Phyllo dough. If you don’t believe me about the Phyllo thing watch this guy try to teach you about using Phyllo dough saying how easy it is as he tears holes and struggles with layer upon layer in the video. Hilarious. (Although way better than what I have EVER achieved.)

Serve any of these dishes with a Greek salad or with fresh olives or tomatoes from the garden, and slices of cucumber to stay true to Greek cuisine. Oh, and if you do attempt using Phyllo dough, and it goes sideways on you and ultimately is the worst kitchen disaster you’ve ever achieved – please, oh please send me a photo. Just so I know I’m not alone.

If you missed a month, no worries, its a goal, remember? So here are the menus from JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJuly, and August.

Here’s to helping our kids become better global citizens – one dinner at a time! Happy cooking everyone!