boston seal 2

In difficult times like these my world shrinks with alarming speed. Boston can seem so far away from where I sit in Washington state, and yet for someone who lived on the Eastern seaboard for so many years, upon hearing the devastating news yesterday, that great city zooms back into focus – the places I love, my memories of the city, those that live there that I care for. It was in this ‘world shrinking’ moment that I quickly made contact with friends and found them safe and sound. Then, it became about others, mourning along with them, and finding what I can do from so far away.

For those who are looking, there are many ways to help. Both the Red Cross and Salvation Army are on the ground providing assistance and pastoral care for those traumatized by the horror of the attack. You can find a more specific list of how to help here.

May the people of Boston know there are many who stand with them praying for comfort, healing, and peace.