With far too much happening on the web I curated a special list of articles and happenings just for Blended readers. Here’s a list of what I’m reading and thinking about this week.

Dr. Jane Aronson imagines a world without her children in response to the Russian adoption ban.

A great article revealing and discussing a new study that positively links race pride and school performance.

This shirt is adorable and perfect for welcoming a new baby. (Or maybe I just like this baby’s chunky face!)

Listen to this interesting conversation about the effects of the Emancipation Proclamation on its 150th anniversary.

Heaven help me but this is how my daughter wants me to braid her hair!

Defining transracialization.

Must watch PBS series? No, not Downton Abbey (although I’ll be watching that too) but The Abolitionists. Watch this to see why PBS made the series, then find when its playing on your local PBS station.

Watch Why We Made The Abolitionists on PBS. See more from American Experience.