Wild About You

Our weekly trek to the library unearthed several books about dinosaurs and trucks of which I am certain you are not interested! I did however stumble upon a lovely new book that I wanted to share with you.

In Wild About You! by Judy Sierra, we discovered a tender book about a tree kangaroo and a pair of pandas who are each longing for a baby of their own. I won’t spoil the story line, but suffice to say eventually the tree kangaroo adopts a baby penguin and the pandas adopt a lost kitten. But the most enjoyable part is that in adopting a penguin, the tree kangaroo realizes she needs help from others in order to raise her ‘pengaroo.’ Likewise the pandas recognize their limitations and also seek help from others at the zoo in order to raise their ‘pandacat.’

It is in the animals search for assistance from those in their community that I found this book both helpful and affirming for Blended families.  As parents we often need help from our peers in our community who share the same race or ethnicity as our child in order to care for and provide for our children in a holistic way. It is when we are part of a diverse community that peers and mentors are able to help us when we need help while still affirming the beautiful diversity within our families.

Wild About You! is a truly sweet story with wonderful illustrations by Marc Brown (creator and author of the Arthur books).  Have fun reading Wild About You! with your children!

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