The Marina Bay Sands Resort – Singapore


Thank you Blended readers for all the well wishes for our trip to Singapore! My daughter and I are fully recovered from jet lag and ready for re-entry into summer.

I have thought about what I appreciated most about being in Singapore and while I enjoyed all the food (Indian, Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese, and Australian (yes, even Aussie food!)), and the touring to different parts of the city (the Arab Quarter, Chinatown, Sentosa Island, the Orchard area), my lasting impression of Singapore was one of kind diversity.

There is an undercurrent of respect and kindness that is palpable in the city. And while they have their problems, the Singaporean government has even launched campaigns of kindness among their own citizens! Can you imagine that in your county/state or country? Whenever my daughter and I hesitated on the subway or street uncertain of which way to go someone stepped up beside us and asked if they could help. It’s been a long time since kindness motivated someone to initiate aid when I’ve traveled and it was refreshing.

Perhaps more wonderful was seeing everything through my daughter’s eyes (isn’t it always though?). She noted cultural differences, good and bad, religious requirements for Buddhists and Muslims, even commerce differences as she had to manage her own Singaporean money and calculate the high cost of living. We had many discussions about the diverse community in Singapore and how it differs or is the same for diverse communities in the United States. She thoroughly enjoyed her stay and I stand by my statement from this post, “Getting outside of our own culture and history enables us to learn from those who do life differently, and to teach my kids that doing life differently doesn’t mean bad, just different. This is crucial for them in forming a healthy worldview and travel is the best and fastest way to learn this principle.”

And yes, my daughter is already planning her next travel adventure – France anyone?

Note: The above picture was one of way too many that I took of the Marina Bay Sands Resort. I became fascinated with its structure and wackiness almost immediately and couldn’t get enough! If you like this kind of thing – architectural oddities – then Singapore is for you!