After moving to the NorthWest over a year ago, I rediscovered the joy of Pen Pals through my daughter. She moved away from many friends who she now corresponds with over snailmail, email, and yes, even Moshi Monsters. But I will forever have a softspot in my heart for snailmail no matter how expensive the stamp becomes. There’s something still mysterious and wonderful about opening the mailbox and seeing who took the time and effort to write a lovely handwritten note just for me.

My girls have inherited this giddy response to the mail of which I’m so grateful, for I foresee my future self now receiving handwritten letters from my grown children!

All this to say that when my daughter experienced her new found friends here moving at the end of the school year there was heartbreak and a longing to stay in touch. We decided that a heartfelt, hand drawn self portrait of them together would be most fitting to give her friend in honor of their friendship. But we didn’t stop there. We made a Pen Pal gift for her good-bye party. Here’s how we did it.

Penpal Friends

First and foremost the artist needs inspiration. After the art is completed, simple color copies onto card stock will make a pack of cards to give. Fold to size and include envelopes. You can box them or tie with ribbon (my daughter chose her favorite purple yarn to tie the gift together). Before you tie the bow however remember to write or print a pretty tag with your child’s name and address so they know where to send the card and begin the pen-pal journey.

Pen-Pal Stationary

If you so choose you can include stamps too to make the correspondence even easier. This really is a wonderful and thoughtful gift to give to those who move away but not out of our lives.